About Us

Elite Racing is a subsidiary of the Elite Techno Groups which hosts racing events in different categories such as Go-Kart racing, All Terrain Vehicle races and Formula one prototype races.

At Elite Racing, we believe that creativity and engineering knows no age. And therefore, we provide a platform for participants with different qualifications such as under-graduates and graduates to learn with us how to make their racing machines, build it by themselves and then race it against each other. Participants may also be amateurs, students or professionals.

Elite Racing has already conducted Elite Karting (EK-14), a racing extravaganza where under-graduate participants learned the basics of designing a go-kart, design a virtual prototype of their racing kart, build and optimize it and then finally race it on the racing track. EK-14 was held on the RPM racing track at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh from 26th-28th February, 2015. The event gained mass popularity with 133 teams participating from 82 different engineering colleges and 16 different states of the country.

The main purpose behind starting Elite Racing was to give the engineering nerds of our country an opportunity to put to test the knowledge that they have gained through their academics and workshops such as ours that deal with practical application of such knowledge. Elite Racing provides  an ideal platform for interested students to learn the basics of Automobile and Vehicle dynamics and then design, fabricate, optimize and race their own racing machines.

Elite Techno Groups is a team of passionate and enthusiastic Engineers headed by Mr. Himanshu Arora, who endeavour towards inculcating within the student fraternity a sense of real-time application of their engineering knowledge and also helping them with their dreams by providing them guidance, technical help and ­financial support.

The Group has successfully conducted Workshops, Summer Training Programs and Winter Training Programs on Automobile &Vehicle Dynamics in various colleges all over the globe.