Elite Karting 2015 – Virtual Presentation Round

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Title- Virtual Presentation round

Date- 1st and 2nd November 2014.

Venue- K.G.Reddy College of Engineering, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh /Telangana, India.

We had a big task in front of us and that is to clear the virtual round. If we fail to do this then we cannot proceed to the next phase of actually building a go kart. It was an uphill task for us because we had never actually built any automobile before and coming from a college which has no previous automobile projects and no established club to guide students, we had to do everything from scratch.

The most important fundamental task was to come up with a team name. What would you name a team that is energetic, talented, having the drive to achieve something, well we came up with the name ” QUASARS”, these are massive galaxies with a luminosity 100 times greater than that of our Milky way galaxy, this name sounded just right, this name clearly stated our vision.

The first objective was team division and to assign work. This was fairly easy, everyone knew what they were interested in and everyone chose their respective division. Right from the start we knew this was a well balanced team and we knew working together would be fun.



First we had to design our chassis, we had to stick to the rule book and come up with the dimensions. After finalizing the dimensions we made a cad model of our chassis and analysis was done on ANSYS. After various stages of modification we finalized the basic dimensions of our chassis. We made paper and PVC models of the chassis.



Once this was done we had to concentrate more on our respective departments. It was quite tedious to gather information and to conducting the market survey, however with a well organised team the burden was reduced. We had to face a lot of difficulty as we did not have any experience in this field and with limited reference material it was clear that we had to give it our best or we would end up with nothing.

I still remember that last day where we had to submit our presentation report and we still had little bit of work to do. One full day was spent in my friend’s hostel finalizing the report, it defined what organised work was. We submitted our reports and we had a day or two left to get ready for the Virtual presentation.

It was 31st October and we had to leave for Hyderabad, considering our previous experience in bus we took a train this time. Eight of us namely Ashraya, Abhishek, Ruthik, Rakshith, Karthik Aithal, Shishir, Aman and I left for Hyderabad with a lot of excitement and a bit of fear. This journey was amazing and the travelling part went smooth. We reached Kachigoda on 1st November, it was 5 am in the morning and we stayed in Nandh hotel, quite a nice place in the center of the city. As soon as we reached we unpacked and started rehearsing our presentation and everything went smooth, we had our breakfast and left for Reddy college which was almost 25 km from where we were staying. As I mention in my earlier post the transport in Hyderabad is not as good as what you find in Bangalore so it was quite hectic to travel, it took two and a half hours for us to reach our destination.

Only four of us had to do the presentation Abhishek, Rakshith, Aman and I had the privileged of representing our team. We had to wait for sometime, after 30 min it was our turn, we went in and did our presentation. It lasted for 20 min and we did it quite convincingly, we had done some mistakes while designing the chassis and during analysis. It was little bit disappointing in the beginning but we had done all we could and we found satisfaction in that.

After virtual presentation we realized we were totally free and we had one complete day to enjoy.

we ended up visiting Salar Jung museum, Charminar, the ever beautiful Golkonda fort, Birla temple and roamed the streets of Hyderabad for quite a while, then we had to catch our train on the same night. We left  Hyderabad knowing that we had gained a lot of knowledge being a part of this competition and we had done everything we could, now we had to wait for our results.

We had to wait three days for the results and those three days felt like a year. Finally the results were out, we had qualified for the next round, Yippee!!

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We felt we were given a chance to correct our mistakes and we knew where we had gone wrong so all in all our effort was rewarded, but now it was time to party.

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